“Maso con Torchio,con vigne
con grezivi e boschi”

Already mentioned in 1429 in the ‘estimo of Lona’, Sottolona is a small and beautiful hamlet of Lona Lases. The first document drawn up in the ‘stua del notaio’ (notary’s room) in Cembra, however, dates back to 1600 and records the will of the inhabitants of Lona, Sottolona and Piazzole to maintain relations with the people of Cembra and the villages of the Konigsberg Jurisdiction.

However, the bridge connecting it with Cembra went through many events over the centuries: it was cut during the French invasions of 1796-1797, rebuilt, and finally rebuilt in 1964 with steel girders and larch boards, which, however, did not withstand the 1966 flood. A shrine, blessed in 1856, still stands today to guard the silent hamlet. It was built by the six families who lived in Sottolona, with the commitment to take care of it by turns for a year, playing the Hail Mary three times a day and on feast days half an hour before Mass began in Lona.

The Sottolona farmstead is now largely abandoned and the inhabitants have settled in Lona. There, the fields remain, which are still cultivated with care, the vineyards worked with passion, the wine press still oiled and the little chapel kept tidy, clean and adorned with flowers.



The Cembra Valley is a wine production area in the central-eastern part of the autonomous province of Trento.
Over the centuries, the Avisio stream has sculpted the two sides of this wild valley and it is on the left side that our vineyards are located.
These benefit a special ventilation that allows us to reduce treatments against fungal diseases. The south-west exposure of our vineyard in a particular natural amphitheatre guarantees a microclimate and temperature range that gives the wine perfume and aroma. Every day in the vineyard, the sound of the Avisio stream goes along with us as we work, also giving us a different sunset over the Brenta Dolomites every evening. The porphyritic nature of the soil rich in clay and backbone gives the wine colour, structure and finesse.